Three Wins for Families in the 2021 Elections

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We know that over the past year and a half, families voted with their feet and made more decisions about where and how their kids are educated than ever before—and record numbers of families chose charter schools. So, it’s no surprise that they took those votes to the polls this week, voting charter-friendly candidates into office, across the country and across party lines.

Here are three of the most education-focused races that went the way of families this week.

Board of Education, Albuquerque, N.M.

  • Danielle Gonzales
  • Crystal Tapia-Romero
  • Courtney Jackson

Following frustrations driven by the pandemic, Albuquerque voters just elected a reform-minded school board. All three of the newly elected members are moms with students attending or graduated from Albuquerque Public Schools and they’ve all shared their support for charter schools as part of a strong public school system. They all actively campaigned on improving student outcomes and listening to families instead of the teachers’ union and bureaucracy, which put them at odds with the New Mexico political establishment—including the governor—heading into the vote, making their wins all that more victorious for families.

Governor, Virginia: Glenn Youngkin

Education took a front seat in the Virginia governor’s race this year. Virginia has one of the worst charter school laws in the country, making it incredibly difficult for charter schools to open. Governor-elect Youngkin ran on a platform that promoted parent’s ability to choose the best public school for their kids, going as far to say in his acceptance speech that he’s, “going to make a down payment and close the gap on giving parents an opportunity to select where their kids go to school.”

Mayor, New York City: Eric Adams

New York City has reached its cap on the number of charter schools that can open under state law, while waitlists at successful schools are off the charts. Mayor-elect Adams has expressed support for supporting the city’s great schools and helping them to expand to serve more students.

Know of any other election night wins for families? Shoot us an email and let us know! 


Kim McCabe is the senior director of communications at the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools.